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Bridal Boudoir | Jupiter Beach Boudoir Photographer | Shannon Griffin

Bridal Boudoir | Jupiter Beach Boudoir Photographer | Shannon Griffin

I am a big advocate for bridal boudoir. But, it might not be for the reason you’re thinking. While I think it can be a lovely gift for a spouse, it’s more about what it signifies for the one having their photographs taken. When I get an inquiry for bridal boudoir I want to make sure that we talk and are after the same ultimate goal. There is beauty in being strong and independent. That doesn’t have to change with marriage. It’s incredible to watch the session unfold. For those that thought it was going to be a gift for someone else, what they start to realize is that the ultimate receiver is themselves.

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Jupiter Beach Family Photographer | Admirals Cove Country Club | Jupiter Beach

Melinda is a fellow wedding industry friend, as she is an extremely talented florist. She and her family were visiting from New Jersey and decided they wanted to find a Jupiter Beach Family Photographer while in town. We decided to do the session at the gorgeous Admirals Cove Country Club. Bennett was just about the cutest baby and I had a blast photographing this gorgeous family!