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In-Home Family Session | Boynton Beach Family Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

In-Home Family Session | Boynton Beach Family Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

I can not emphasize enough how important it is to work with a photographer who will get you family heirlooms for your home. What I mean by this is someone who will take the time to sit with you, go over the photographs with you, look at your home, decide if an album is better, decide if a framed gallery wall is better, decide if you’re someone who really is better suited for digital files, etc. I am 100% of the mind that photographs should get off of your computer and onto your walls. I also work with my clients to make sure that’s what’s going to be the best fit for them.

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Why should you print your photographs | West Palm Beach Family Photographer | Shannon Griffin

Why should you print your photographs? How did you view photographs as a child? Have you seen old prints from your parent's wedding? How do you feel when you physically hold those photographs in your hand? 

Visualize this:

You just had a really long day at work. You are driving home and thinking about everything on your "to-do" list. You walk up to your front door, insert the key, turn the knob, and the first thing you see is a photograph of your loved one's face. 

Now, visualize this:

You just had a really long day at work. You are driving home and thinking about everything on your "to-do" list. You walk up to your front door, insert the key, turn the knob, and the first thing you see is a blank wall. The only way you can view any photographs of your loved ones is on your phone or computer. 

Personally, I get overwhelmed thinking of all of the little tasks I "need" to get done. I let so many important things slide because "more" important things get in the way. That's where a professional comes in. When I first started photography I just wanted to photograph the session, hand over the disc, and be done with it. I started to notice that a lot of my couples, families, and boudoir clients had no clue what to do with these files. I would talk to them a year later and the files would still be sitting on their computer. This broke my heart and it was my job to come up with a solution. It's not fair to call myself a "high-end" photographer if I'm not putting in the work.

My goal, from start to finish, is to tell your story. I can't tell your full story if what I deliver just sits on a computer. Nothing makes me happier than helping the people that stand in front of my camera. It's my duty to make sure that they love the experience and continue to remember it year after year. It's my obligation and honor to walk them through each step of the process. I have families that book with me every year and order gorgeous albums and grandparent albums. This means that they will soon have a collection of yearly albums to document each year of their families lives. 

Let's look at the difference. 

Here is what I used to deliver to my clients, with an email that said something along the lines of, "Thank you and enjoy the images."



The issue is that these would then sit on my client's computers. This means that any time they wanted to view their precious memories, they had to get to a computer and stare at a screen. 

Now, let's look at the difference of what my client's now get:


If my goal is to tell your story from start to finish, then I need to help from start to finish. This means phone calls to go over what the session will entail, helping with wardrobe choices, picking a location that will work for your end goal of what products you want in your home, photographing your session in a way that memorializes what your life is really like during that time, editing your photographs, and then helping you pick the perfect heirloom that fits your life perfectly.


This is a boudoir client of mine, and fellow photographer, who sent me photos of what her framed prints look like in her room (photos of room by Jenny Cruger Photography):



I know it's overwhelming to think about putting art in your home and that's why I want to help with the process. My clients hire me based on trust and knowing that I'm going to give them the best possible experience and finished product. 

I would love to help you fill your home with incredible memories!

Jupiter Beach Family Photographer | Admirals Cove Country Club | Jupiter Beach

Melinda is a fellow wedding industry friend, as she is an extremely talented florist. She and her family were visiting from New Jersey and decided they wanted to find a Jupiter Beach Family Photographer while in town. We decided to do the session at the gorgeous Admirals Cove Country Club. Bennett was just about the cutest baby and I had a blast photographing this gorgeous family! 


The real reason Style Me Pretty is Closing | West Palm Wedding Photographer | Shannon Griffin

The photography community is in an emotional uproar as we hear about Style Me Pretty closing it's doors. I've seen about 30 photographers ask, "What is the real reason Style Me Pretty is closing?" There are a bunch of different reasons that people are coming up with, as we are all left in awe of it happening with less than a month's notice. Some are speculating that it's lack of funding. Style Me Pretty relied pretty heavily on money from their Little Black Book vendors. These vendors would pay a fee to have their business names come up when couples were searching for photographers in their local areas (or destination). It takes great customer service and visibility for photographers to want to keep paying for such a service. 

With the use of Instagram and personal blogs, others guess that this might be the cause. When vendors send their weddings to big name blogs, they are at the mercy of those editors. The photographs have to be perfectly in-line with the blog's vision and on top of that, the editors of said blog will be the ones to select which photographs will be featured (if any). With the use of Instagram and personal blogs, WE, as photographers, get to choose what we show. WE get to choose if we want a perfectly curated page or if we want to show pure emotion. Wedding vendors are wondering if this is going to be the case for all big-name wedding blogs. 

Regardless of the reason, the industry is shifting, and I believe in a positive way. I'm not happy that Style Me Pretty is closing it's doors, as I don't want to see any business go under. But, I do like the idea that we are taking weddings back into our own hands and returning to the simplicity of love and matrimony. It's true that none of what we are guessing could be the reason, is the reason. Though, what it has done is awoken something deep inside of us, as photographers. It has us questioning our own intentions and what we decide to show through our work. 

While the details of a wedding are beautiful and help tell a story, they are not the story. Maybe this will stop future brides from telling their photographer, "I really want my wedding to be published!" Maybe we will have conversations with our couples about the importance of the portraits and candid moments, and not that we need hours to photograph their invitations. 

While I thank Style Me Pretty for featuring my work several times, I am excited to see where the industry is heading. 

While this is beautiful:


Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 9.40.24 AM.png

I would rather get back to this: