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Undressed. vulnerable. raw.

c/o Beth Morgan Photography

c/o Beth Morgan Photography

It was a little scary, but I will never regret doing it. I learned a lot about myself that day and I want the same thing for my clients.

In our industry we are painted a certain way. We must always have our game face on. There are no "bad" days. I have bad days. I truly believe these bad days are what drive my passion and creativity. There are so many days that I don't want to get out of bed. I am weighted down and unable to breathe with the heaviness of comparison. Sometimes it steals my joy. But other days, other days it pushes me beyond what I ever imagined capable.

I truly have a beautifully imperfect life. I wouldn't trade the hard days for a million easy. Easy doesn't open the door for an insecure and lost woman to stand in front of my camera. Easy doesn't allow me to capture her completely vulnerable and forever be able to tell her story on film. Easy doesn't afford me the opportunity to form an indescribable bond with her within just an hour. I don't want easy. I want raw. I want real. I want stripped down and aching to tell her story. Boudoir sessions are not about what her partner is into. They are not about what society has told her is beautiful. They are about her knowing she is powerful in her insecurity and that there is strength in her weakness.

I truly can’t wait to hear all about you and what inspires you.

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why? why do I wake up and do this every day?

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Krysten was unsure if this was something she wanted to do, but she was brave enough to do it and hasn’t looked back.

I have always had mixed feelings about boudoir photography. My skepticism almost held me back from one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. When I decided to book a boudoir session with Shannon, I was at a crossroads in my life. My husband and I were about to move to a new city, start new careers, all while struggling with a two year infertility battle. I loved Shannon’s other boudoir sessions and knew that this may be my last chance before life got in the way. I booked the session with our 3 year anniversary in mind, only doing it as a gift to my husband. What I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t for him. It was for me. I never realized how I could feel so vulnerable and so powerful at the same time. I have also never felt so secure in myself.


are you ready to tell your story?

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Jehna, a mother of two, approached me early in the year about a boudoir session. I could tell from our first phone call that she was strong and passionate. I followed up with her after the session to ask her about the experience.

For so long, I felt like I had only thought about beauty from a man's perspective and trying to be what he must find beautiful or sexy. I realized I was starting to develop my own definition of beauty and a way of appreciating it, and wanted to be a part of creating artful images that reflected/communicated my sense of beauty... a woman's sense of what's beautiful, aware that my definition of beauty is passed down to my daughter. I needed to demonstrate more self love for my body exactly the way that it is.

Upon receiving her images, Jehna describes feeling a range of emotions in both reflection and in analyzing herself in the photos.

When I first looked at the photos, I was very excited, but also quick to criticize the way I looked. I didn't like my smile in this one, or dimples in that one, or my pale skin. But I spent more time looking through them over days and weeks, and slowly, my thoughts, my self-talk started to change. Pale became "porcelain", dimpled and fat became "sexy and curvy, soft and womanly", and I fell more in love with photos that I had initially excluded from my "list". I have developed more self love. And I have a desire to continue to "document" and explore my definition of beauty through further photography sessions over time...capturing exactly where I am, and loving it!


Does this resonate with you?


You aren’t just getting “pretty Photographs”.

Your session will be an experience.

what it’s like working with shannon

Personally, I get overwhelmed thinking of all of the little tasks I "need" to get done. I let so many important things slide because "more" important things get in the way. That's where a professional comes in. When I first started photography I just wanted to photograph the session, hand over the disc, and be done with it. I started to notice that a lot of my boudoir clients had no clue what to do with these files. I would talk to them a year later and the files would still be sitting on their computer. This broke my heart and it was my job to come up with a solution. It's not fair to call myself a "high-end" photographer if I'm not putting in the work.

My goal, from start to finish, is to tell your story. I can't tell your full story if what I deliver just sits on a computer. Nothing makes me happier than helping the people that stand in front of my camera. It's my duty to make sure that they love the experience and continue to remember it year after year. It's my obligation and honor to walk them through each step of the process.

why digitals are the last thing I want you to have

This is something I feel very strongly about. How often do we take images and then they sit on our computers? When you look back at photos of your grandparents, or even yourself growing up, did you look at them on a computer screen or did you physically hold them in your hands. Did you view them in an album? I don’t want my clients to hire me for a Facebook profile picure. I want these to be tangible memories for years. For this reason, I want to help you pick some products that will bring you back to this time in your life. These are memories to be charished.

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Boudoir is not about posing to look "sexy". The women that stand in front of my camera don't need me to contrive their bodies or make them something that they aren't. Most of them just want to be seen. I photograph single women, married women, women with kids, women in their 20s and women in their 50s. I've photographed women about to get married and ones going through a divorce. There is a reason that women get to the point of contacting me and it's my obligation and privilege to discover the "why".


I've had some people that don't understand why women do boudoir sessions. Most of these people think that this means these women just want naked photos of themselves and it's a superficial and vain thing to do. The truth is, it's the complete opposite. Step in front of my camera and I will show you how this will be the most vulnerable and raw thing you ever do. It will strip you of things you thought you knew about yourself and pave a new way for positive thoughts and healing.


I'm passionate about what I do because there was a long time that I didn't feel seen. I felt invisible and unwanted. I was scarred. It took me a long time to realize that I wasn't broken, I just needed to find a way to put the pieces back together. This is what I want to give to every woman who is searching for her "why". 

It is my responsibility, commitment, and honor to make sure that every woman feels seen so that she can see herself. 


My goal is to create opportunities for people (specifically those who identify as women) to truly experience connection, to each other and to themselves. I believe that we are our happiest, best selves when we feel that we belong and when we feel confident in our own inner voice.

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kind words from incredible women

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Working with Shannon was wonderful! She is so sweet, funny and proficient at her craft. I love that she shot our session on film! It has such an artistry to it. These images are so dear to our hearts; they won’t just sit on our computer...we will have them printed for our walls to look at every day. A constant reminder that women are strong and beautiful. That I am capable, I can prevail and this too shall pass."

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Shannon has such an amazing eye for detail and capturing pure and authentic moments. Shannon and I worked together on a styled shoot and I couldn’t have been happier with the way the images turned out. She did such an amazing job making our model feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I can’t say enough good things about Shannon and look forward to working with her again in the future!

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Incredible photographer. We have had the pleasure of having Shannon photograph our big life events since our engagement shoot in 2011. Wedding, Maternity, Newborn, Family...even a little Boudoir for myself. Her quality goes far beyond pretty pictures. Shannon has a stunning artistic vision coupled with a natural gift for making her clients feel comfortable and beautiful. Highly recommend!

Shannon is an incredible photographer who has become a good friend. We met when I hired her to photograph my wedding, and she's a big part of what made my day so special. She even sent me a questionnaire that helped me figure out a timeline for the day, which was a huge help. The pictures came out so beautifully that we ended up buying a package that let us keep every one of our 800+ pictures. Since then, she's done a boudoir session with me as well. I will continue booking shoots with Shannon for as long as I can afford her! She has a true commitment to creating authentic and beautiful images that reflect the personality of the client.

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every woman that has stood before my camera has been on her own journey. It’s my honor to capture her just as she is and to tell her story.