San Francisco Boudoir Session | Destination Boudoir Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

I was just talking to another photographer about why we prefer, and pretty much insist, on photographing in our client’s homes. We were discussing how it forces you out of your comfort zone. You have no idea how light will fall and at what time. You don’t know which space will be your favorite or create a reaction in your veins. Having a studio space has it’s own pros, but it can start to become repetitive. The last thing I want is for the work that I’m creating for these women to become second nature.

Every woman is so different and photographing her in her own surroundings really breathes a certain life into the photographs. I honestly don’t need a huge, sparkling, or even super clean home to photograph in. I like a little messy, as we all are on the inside.

This is Ariana’s story. We photographed this session in her gorgeous, mid-century style home. Yes, I wanted to move in. After having two children, and being married for a few years, she thought it time to do this for herself. I’m so glad she did because we truly created some magic together.