Bridal Boudoir | Jupiter Beach Boudoir Photographer | Shannon Griffin

I am a big advocate for bridal boudoir. But, it might not be for the reason you’re thinking. While I think it can be a lovely gift for a spouse, it’s more about what it signifies for the one having their photographs taken. When I get an inquiry for bridal boudoir I want to make sure that we talk and are after the same ultimate goal. There is beauty in being strong and independent. That doesn’t have to change with marriage. It’s incredible to watch the session unfold. For those that thought it was going to be a gift for someone else, what they start to realize is that the ultimate receiver is themselves.

So many little girls are taught that marriage is the ultimate goal. Don’t get me wrong, I thing marriage is wonderful, but it surely isn’t my ultimate goal. Just like I think giving the gift of a boudoir album is a gorgeous idea for one’s partner, but I don’t think that should be the ultimate goal of the boudoir session. These sessions are such a wonderful way to celebrate oneself before committing to someone else. It’s also a way to pause and have gratitude while in the midst of wedding planning. Being engaged is a neat time and it’s so short lived; what an incredible way to memorialize that time.

Bridal boudoir can be anything you want it to be. You can bring your veil to the session. You can be wearing your wedding gown. You can incorporate your partner. It’s definitely not one size fits all. Just like weddings, you don’t have to follow the rules. Do it as a gift for your partner, but more importantly, do it for yourself!