Delray Beach Boudoir Session | Delray Beach Boudoir Session | Shannon Griffin Photography

The women who stand before me are true works of art. The simplicity from this session just blew me away.

A is a florist who lives in a different state. She and I have been following each other on Instagram for years. We had talked here and there, but never met in person. She messaged me almost a year ago, letting me know she was going to be in my area and was finally ready to set up a boudoir session. She told me that she had been waiting because I was the one that HAD to photograph her (talk about an honor). We did the session in an AirBnB that she and her husband were staying in to attend a friend’s wedding. She made sure to find one that was neutral with some great natural light. The best light was in the living room, so I ended up moving the couch and some tables out of the way. Like I said in my previous post, I’ll move mountains to get my clients the best photographs.

There is something about using a simple fabric against a plain wall that will always speak to me. The simplicity of both elements really lets the soft texture of her skin be the focus. She told me before the session that she didn’t want to focus on her face. She wanted to create art with the natural movements of her body.

A ended up getting one of my Story Boxes, which is a gorgeous linen box with 15 matted prints. The great thing about these story boxes is that you can store your matted prints in the box and take them out when you want to look at them. Or, you can display them on an easel or have them professionally framed down the road. I just love that she’s going to have these gorgeous prints for years to come.

boudour presentation box.jpg

It was such a fun session and I felt pure creative freedom. I absolutely love working with fellow artists and creatives. A, thank you for letting me be the one to create this art with you. Thank you for trusting me to give you these keepsakes.