West Palm Boudoir Photographer | Taliah | Shannon Griffin

Have you ever connected with someone the very instant you met them? This is what happened when I first met Taliah. We met when working together in a restaurant 15 years ago. She was someone that I stayed in contact with on social media, but I hadn't seen her much since those days. There has always been an energy about her that has caused me to gravitate toward her. She's been through a lot, but still maintains such a positive outlook on life. More than that, she maintains a positive outlook on people. 

I had been craving a personal shoot. My blood needed something that made my veins feel alive. I knew that I wanted it to be boudoir focused and that I wanted to photograph a woman of color. Of course, Taliah popped in my mind. She lived in Atlanta and I happened to be traveling up there for a wedding. I reached out, nervously asked if she would be interested, and was delighted when she said,"Hell yeah!" I knew that we would create magic together. 

I showed up to her house and she was finishing up her hair and makeup. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with the warmest full-body hug. My whole being felt warm and welcome; she has that way about her. She has an infectious love and I wanted to convey that through these photographs. I wanted her to just "be" and stand before me. My job was to be still and listen to everything she had to tell me through her movements. I don't know if I did her justice, but it was my goal. I left this session with a feeling of wholeness and hope. 

I love being a West Palm boudoir photographer, but I also love that it affords me to travel to people like this goddess.