What It Means When Someone Invests In Me | West Palm Beach Family Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

“Support small businesses”. This is something you see posted a lot on social media, or talked about in social settings. It really is every single client that keeps a small business owner afloat. Sarah Beth is one of those clients.

I’ve known Sarah Beth for several years. She first hired me to photograph a boudoir session of her, then her wedding, and again when she was pregnant with her second child. I got to witness her marry her loving husband and photograph her when she was carrying their child. Sarah Beth is a hair genius and has a lot of connections. I know that she could have very easily hired someone else for those events, but she chose me. She believes in my art and wants to make sure I flourish. This type of relationship builds my confidence, keeps me in business, and solidifies my decision to do what I do for a living. Not only that, but it allows us to build a trust. I’m able to show up and create art because I know that Sarah Beth believes in what I do, as she has hired me for three huge life events. She has become completely comfortable in front of my camera, and let’s face it, she’s a goddess (I mean, just view the photos bellow).

It’s not just about my clients investing in me, though. A huge part of me keeping my doors open has to do with me investing in the people who hire me. It takes time, hard work, and money. I have to keep up to date with new products, gear, education courses (I’m still CONSTANTLY learning), really listening to my clients needs and figuring out how to meet them, etc. This business based on a mutual investment between those who believe in me and myself.

My goal is to continue to work extremely hard at making sure I have repeat boudoir sessions, branding sessions, and family sessions. I want people to love the experience as much as they love the photographs. It’s my duty to give them something (not just digital files) that will let them revisit these times in their lives, year after year.

When someone continues to invest in me (and I mean this figuratively and literally) I’m able to give myself to this craft. We are able to trust one another. We are free to create magic…

You can see Sarah Beth’s boudoir session HERE