Destination Boudoir Photographer | San Francisco Boudoir Photography | Shannon Griffin Photography

It’s crazy to think that destination photography has gone beyond weddings, but it absolutely has. I like to let people know when I’m traveling for work or pleasure because more times than not, I book a few extra sessions. These are people that live in different parts of the world, but follow my work. It’s so neat to meet people, who have been supporting me through social media for the last few years. I also book destination sessions all on their own and will often times fly or drive to them.

I think about sessions like Abi’s. She lives in California, which can feel like a world away, and we had been talking for years. She found out that I was going to be in her area and not only booked herself a session, but also put me in contact with her friend who was interested in being photographed. I got to photograph two incredible women, women would have never stepped foot in front of my camera if not for the opportunity of travel.

Boudoir is such a personal experience and although I’m convinced that every woman should do a session, I do believe it MUST be with the right photographer. It is an investment, especially if I’m traveling out to them, but these are photographs and an experience that these women will now have for a lifetime.

Thank you for opening your home to me, Abi. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for allowing me to travel across the United States to document this time in your life.

Abi’s session is featured on Bajan Wed. Go check it out!