Photographing Your Family Every Year | West Palm Beach Family Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

This precious family just relocated and it got me thinking about how special it’s been to photograph them every year (before I moved to West Palm Beach, myself). We were able to create this incredible relationship that allowed their three girls to trust me and knowledge that I was going to get them the best heirlooms for their home. It was really neat to be able to email Autumn (mom) every year to set up a session. She knew that these girls were growing fast and wanted to make sure that she captured each one of their personalities as the years flew by.

Autumn was actually my first family session when I switched to IPS (in-person sales) as my business model. I remember showing up to her home, prints and products in hand, shaking. I knew that the photographs that we took were beautiful, but now I had help her get the perfect products to fit her needs. Because of her, I started to build the confidence that the way that I was running my business was right for my brand and for my clients. I’ve worked really hard on building a luxury brand and that means that I’m creating an experience, not just handing over digital files. I’ve grown a lot from that first IPS session and I’ve been so lucky to have people that believe in me and my craft.

This is a mom who has several gallery walls in her home, so we knew that a gallery collection was going to be the right fit for her. We worked together to get her the perfect frames, prints, and designs. It’s so important that I listen to each individual’s needs because everyone is so different. I love that when she walked up her stairs she got to see her family on her walls. That’s a feeling you aren’t going to get by looking at your photos on your computer every couple of months.

I’m sad that I won’t be photographing this precious family anymore, but I’m so excited for what’s in store for their new adventure. I really hope I was able to give them some memories of Tallahassee that they’ll be able to bring into their new home.

I had to share the first session we did together because I can’t believe these girls were ever this small!