Featured on Mother Muse | West Palm Maternity Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

I’ve been obsessed (yep, truly obsessed) with Mother Muse’s photographs and mission for quite some time. The articles that they post are so full of reality, truth, and rawness. It’s been a dream to have my work featured with them ever since I read their first post. When they reached out to me about using my photographs from Krysten and Andrew’s maternity session, to go along with their story, I jumped at the chance. I love supporting other women, especially mothers. This article is perfection and all about the importance of helping your partner after having a baby. I mean, who can’t get behind that?!

One of my favorite things she writes about in this article is one that holds true for so many women. It’s so hard for so many of us to let go of control or feel guilt when we ask for help. “And let go of your guilt. Asking for help from anyone, even your co-parent, can bring on the feelings of failure and shame. Don’t let those emotions sneak in. It’s normal to need space and help.” Ask for help ladies! Also, surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to step in when needed, without you having to ask.

Please give it a read and then go visit their website to read more incredible posts. Let’s continue to uplift moms through their struggles and triumphs.

Click the photo bellow to see the feature. Keep on scrolling down to see all of the photographs from this precious session.