Photographer's Branding Headshot Session | West Palm Beach Headshot Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

Emily is a fellow photographer and an extremely talented one at that! When she contacted me about doing a headshot branding session of her I was elated. It’s such an honor to have another photographer ask you to photograph them. We discussed what she wanted these photographs to represent. A huge part of a branding session is getting down to the core message you want to send to the people you’re trying to target and market to. Emily’s photographs are bright, fun, and full of movement and emotion. She is also a surfer and lives near the water. The ocean is a huge part of her lifestyle and also her aesthetic.

When we got to the beach (around sunrise) it was drizzling and grey. It’s not exactly what we had in mind when we talked about her bright and happy work, but it ended up being perfect! It was neat to see the space around her light up once she got there. She’s so full of love and warmth. I’m not kidding when I say she was laughing the entire session. Her happiness is contagious and I really hope that we got that message across to her future clients.

Emily, thank you for spending a drizzly morning with me. Also, thank you for your vulnerability and true spirit.