National Women's Day | International Boudoir Photographer

Today is a day that I can truly get behind. Celebrating National Women's Day is something that comes so naturally to me, as I celebrate women every day. Every part of boudoir is about embracing and celebrating women. It's about finding our voices. It's about bringing light to the dark. It's about figuring out what we, as individuals, deem worthy of our love and grace. 

Boudoir is something that I hope every woman experiences at least once in her lifetime. So many of my clients tell me that they are scared. These women express to me that they have parts of their body that they are afraid to have photographed. They tell me that there body has changed since having kids. To all of these things I say, "You're right and that's absolutely why you HAVE to do this session."

We, as women, need to figure out why we feel these negative ways about our bodies. Why we've excepted what society has told us our entire lives. We need to break the chains that cause us to feel weighted by the world around us. It's up to us to create a new beautiful. It's up to us to create new standards.

Women don't get to stop being moms when they go to work. Women don't get to just turn off their brains and forget about everything else going on around them. We are multitaskers. We are soldiers. We are worthy of being celebrated each and every day. 

All of the women that have stood in front of my camera have incredible stories to tell. They are stories that I carry with me every day. They are full of hurt, resilience, pain, power, beauty, grace, and so much more. I am so fortunate to know them and to be an international boudoir photographer.