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Life Photographer | West Palm Beach Family Photographer | Shannon Griffin

Life Photographer | West Palm Beach Family Photographer | Shannon Griffin

If you asked me what the highest honor of my career is, I would tell you it is when I get to photograph repeat clients. Yes, beautiful photography is important, but more important than that is the experience. I want the people that stand in front of my camera to want to return to it year after year. I want their photographs to line the walls of their homes. I used to love looking at the family vacation photos that the Kennedys had taken every year they traveled. Real moments. Raw moments.

Krysten is someone who I’ve photographed through all of her huge life events. We were new friends when I photographed her wedding and now she is like a sister. We’ve built a trust around my camera and she allows me to fully create art. When new life events come up we already know I’m going to be there to photograph it. We create mood boards and talk locations. She’s hired me to photograph her engagement session in Tallahassee, wedding in Jupiter, maternity photos in Atlanta and Miami, boudoir in Tallahassee, and travel to Oregon. What an incredible ride.

I love travel, I love photography, and I love documenting real moments in people’s lives. I hope to be many people’s “life photographer” during my career.

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