Family Session With Dogs, Chickens, and Pancakes | Tallahassee Family Photographer | Shannon Griffin

This family session of Lauren, owner of the delicious SōDOUGH Baking Co., was gracious enough to invite me into her home to capture her family. Lauren was pregnant at the time, so we wanted to freeze time before baby arrived and it was just a family of three.

We started in the kitchen, where Lauren truly shines (along with being an amazing mother). She helped Hudson make pancakes from scratch. I loved his little stool so that he could really be a part of it. Lauren was so kind and patient. I’m someone who always wants to be in control and I loathe messes. It always amazes me when I see the grace and patience of mother’s with their children.

I photographed them as they sat around their dining room table and enjoyed conversation, took some maternity photos of Lauren, and then we went outside so that Hudson could show me his new chickens.

It was a special day and is the perfect example of why I like to take my time with families and capture them in their most special of places, doing what they love the most…being together.