The real reason Style Me Pretty is Closing | West Palm Wedding Photographer | Shannon Griffin

The photography community is in an emotional uproar as we hear about Style Me Pretty closing it's doors. I've seen about 30 photographers ask, "What is the real reason Style Me Pretty is closing?" There are a bunch of different reasons that people are coming up with, as we are all left in awe of it happening with less than a month's notice. Some are speculating that it's lack of funding. Style Me Pretty relied pretty heavily on money from their Little Black Book vendors. These vendors would pay a fee to have their business names come up when couples were searching for photographers in their local areas (or destination). It takes great customer service and visibility for photographers to want to keep paying for such a service. 

With the use of Instagram and personal blogs, others guess that this might be the cause. When vendors send their weddings to big name blogs, they are at the mercy of those editors. The photographs have to be perfectly in-line with the blog's vision and on top of that, the editors of said blog will be the ones to select which photographs will be featured (if any). With the use of Instagram and personal blogs, WE, as photographers, get to choose what we show. WE get to choose if we want a perfectly curated page or if we want to show pure emotion. Wedding vendors are wondering if this is going to be the case for all big-name wedding blogs. 

Regardless of the reason, the industry is shifting, and I believe in a positive way. I'm not happy that Style Me Pretty is closing it's doors, as I don't want to see any business go under. But, I do like the idea that we are taking weddings back into our own hands and returning to the simplicity of love and matrimony. It's true that none of what we are guessing could be the reason, is the reason. Though, what it has done is awoken something deep inside of us, as photographers. It has us questioning our own intentions and what we decide to show through our work. 

While the details of a wedding are beautiful and help tell a story, they are not the story. Maybe this will stop future brides from telling their photographer, "I really want my wedding to be published!" Maybe we will have conversations with our couples about the importance of the portraits and candid moments, and not that we need hours to photograph their invitations. 

While I thank Style Me Pretty for featuring my work several times, I am excited to see where the industry is heading. 

While this is beautiful:


Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 9.40.24 AM.png

I would rather get back to this:


Jupiter Beach Family Photographer | Admirals Cove Country Club | Jupiter Beach

Melinda is a fellow wedding industry friend, as she is an extremely talented florist. She and her family were visiting from New Jersey and decided they wanted to find a Jupiter Beach Family Photographer while in town. We decided to do the session at the gorgeous Admirals Cove Country Club. Bennett was just about the cutest baby and I had a blast photographing this gorgeous family! 


Garibaldi Cafe Wedding | Savannah Wedding Photographer | McKenzie and Andrew

This perfectly southern wedding is featured on Southern Weddings!

From McKenzie: 

"Our ceremony began at 2:00 p.m., so there was a little gap of time between when the ceremony ended and when we wanted the cocktail hour to begin. One of the things that Andrew and I love so much about Savannah is the history. Most of our guests had never even been to Savannah so we thought what better way to show everyone around than a Historic Trolley Tour. After the ceremony the guests were able to get the party started on air conditioned trolleys with some beverages. The tour guides were hilarious and kept them entertained while the wedding party was busy taking pictures. We had great feedback from everyone on what a great idea it was.

Andrew and I wanted to keep the tradition of having our first look be as the church doors opened. Our photographer, Shannon Griffin, made a suggestion that I do a first look with my father instead. This ended up being such a special moment for us. This was a time for just my dad and I to spend with each other by ourselves. It was emotional, but helped me get over some of my nerves. After all… he was going to be the one walking me down the aisle. The pictures of these few minutes of my dad seeing me for the first time turned out absolutely amazing and something that I will cherish forever.

There were so many great memories from our wedding day that I could go on forever. I think the moments that stand out to me the most now are the times that Andrew and I stopped to just take everything in. After we did our dances and walked around talking to all of our guests, we sat at our sweetheart table in the center of the room and just enjoyed everything. It was such a surreal feeling to look around the room. A year worth of planning had come together in the most romantic way. More importantly, it was the first and probably only time that all of our friends and families from both sides were all together. We were so blessed and humbled that so many people we love were able to make the trip to celebrate us."


Ceremony // Sacred Heart
Reception //  Garibaldi Café
Photographer // Shannon Griffin
Planning // Lacy McLaurin with Design Studio South
Florist // Kato Floral Designs
Bride's Dress //  Calvet Couture Bridal
Hair // Jessica Bailey with Enchanted Salon
Shoes // “Imagine” by Vince Camuto
Invitation Suite // Do Tell Calligraphy and Design
Cake // Savannah Hall of Cakes



Tallahassee Boudoir Photographer | J's Testimony

Jehna, a mother of two, approached me early in the year about a boudoir session. I could tell from our first phone call that she was strong and passionate. I followed up with her after the session to ask her about the experience.

For so long, I felt like I had only thought about beauty from a man's perspective and trying to be what he must find beautiful or sexy. I realized I was starting to develop my own definition of beauty and a way of appreciating it, and wanted to be a part of creating artful images that reflected/communicated my sense of beauty... a woman's sense of what's beautiful, aware that my definition of beauty is passed down to my daughter. I needed to demonstrate more self love for my body exactly the way that it is.

Upon receiving her images, Jehna describes feeling a range of emotions in both reflection and in analyzing herself in the photos.

When I first looked at the photos, I was very excited, but also quick to criticize the way I looked. I didn't like my smile in this one, or dimples in that one, or my pale skin. But I spent more time looking through them over days and weeks, and slowly, my thoughts, my self-talk started to change. Pale became "porcelain", dimpled and fat became "sexy and curvy, soft and womanly", and I fell more in love with photos that I had initially excluded from my "list". I have developed more self love. And I have a desire to continue to "document" and explore my definition of beauty through further photography sessions over time...capturing exactly where I am, and loving it!

I'm beyond honored, reading what she said about working with me.

I think there's also something to Shannon’s way with clients. I felt incredibly comfortable and encouraged with her behind the camera, through her easy demeanor and accepting and loving encouragement. I also knew she would help create the kind of images I wanted; something from a woman's perspective, with an artful eye. I wanted to be part of creating a beautiful piece of art, and I had confidence that Shannon could do that. She was a partner in creating something beautiful and also making me feel beautiful.

tallahassee  boudoir photographer shannon griffin