Watercolor Inn Beach Wedding | Watercolor Wedding Photographer | Alyssa and Gregg

This Watercolor Inn Beach Wedding was so elegant and classic. Alyssa and Gregg kept it small and intimate, but there was no lack of beautiful details. This day was a complete dream.


Ceremony // Watercolor Inn & Resort
Reception // Watercolor Inn & Resort
Photographer // Shannon Griffin
Planning // Nina Dolin
Florist // Fisher’s Flowers
Bride's Dress // Jenny Packham
Hair // Jordan Cosgrove
Makeup // Kalie Cosgrove
Shoes // Kate Spade
Invitation Suite // Typecase Industries
Cake // Bake My Day



Tallahassee Boudoir Photographer | J's Testimony

Jehna, a mother of two, approached me early in the year about a boudoir session. I could tell from our first phone call that she was strong and passionate. I followed up with her after the session to ask her about the experience.

For so long, I felt like I had only thought about beauty from a man's perspective and trying to be what he must find beautiful or sexy. I realized I was starting to develop my own definition of beauty and a way of appreciating it, and wanted to be a part of creating artful images that reflected/communicated my sense of beauty... a woman's sense of what's beautiful, aware that my definition of beauty is passed down to my daughter. I needed to demonstrate more self love for my body exactly the way that it is.

Upon receiving her images, Jehna describes feeling a range of emotions in both reflection and in analyzing herself in the photos.

When I first looked at the photos, I was very excited, but also quick to criticize the way I looked. I didn't like my smile in this one, or dimples in that one, or my pale skin. But I spent more time looking through them over days and weeks, and slowly, my thoughts, my self-talk started to change. Pale became "porcelain", dimpled and fat became "sexy and curvy, soft and womanly", and I fell more in love with photos that I had initially excluded from my "list". I have developed more self love. And I have a desire to continue to "document" and explore my definition of beauty through further photography sessions over time...capturing exactly where I am, and loving it!

I'm beyond honored, reading what she said about working with me.

I think there's also something to Shannon’s way with clients. I felt incredibly comfortable and encouraged with her behind the camera, through her easy demeanor and accepting and loving encouragement. I also knew she would help create the kind of images I wanted; something from a woman's perspective, with an artful eye. I wanted to be part of creating a beautiful piece of art, and I had confidence that Shannon could do that. She was a partner in creating something beautiful and also making me feel beautiful.

tallahassee  boudoir photographer shannon griffin

Rosemary Beach Family Photographer | Bosse Family

30A is one of the most beautiful stretches of Florida beaches. It is known for it's white sand and breathtaking sunsets. It is no wonder that families come from all of the world to vacation here. I get a lot of calls and emails with vacationing families inquiring if we can set up a family session while they are visiting. It is one of my favorite places to photograph, as there are so many options other than the beach. We typically end the session on the beach, close to sunset, but start with taking precious photographs around the town. If you've never been to Rosemary, Alys Beach, or Seaside, it's like you walked onto a movie set. The architecture of the homes and restaurants is so perfectly executed. There are gorgeous walls that are filled with ivy, cobblestone streets, natural hued stucco, and just everything dreamy that you would want as a back drop. Then, you have the sunsets that look like watercolor painted across a vast, never ending sky. I love variety and Rosemary Beach gave us exactly what we were looking for.

The Bosse family was visiting because Rhiannon, mom in these photos, was attending a floral workshop. They decided to make it into a family trip and wanted to document this season in their lives, while in Rosemary Beach. When Rhiannon called me and asked if I would be willing to come to Rosemary, I jumped at the chance. The vibe on 30A is so perfect and I will take an excuse to head that way. It was truly an honor to capture such fleeting moments that they have with their son. I can't imagine a better career than to be a photographer, especially on the days that I get to be a Rosemary Beach family photographer. 

Atlanta Family Photographer | Grimes Family

I don't know where to begin with this family, but I'll try. Krysten and Andrew came into our lives right when we didn't know we needed them. Krysten has literally picked me up off of the floor when I couldn't stand, or even breathe. She was one of the first people I called when I found out that Lola wasn't going to make it. They have been our rock. It is rare that you find a couple where everyone is close, both husbands and wives; they are that couple. 

When we found out that they were moving to Atlanta we were heartbroken, yet excited for their new adventure. Andrew is a genius and Georgia Tech was the perfect fit for him. We had so many mixed emotions the day they left town. I knew that no one was going to be able to take Krysten's place and no one ever will. Through all of this, I truly believe our friendship grew stronger. You have to fight to keep long distance friendships alive and we have done that. We have cried, screamed, and laughed through this painful journey. We have made the best of it and it has pushed us to savor every single second we get together.

A year ago all four of our lives changed forever. Oh Vada, you have no idea just how much we love you. You have brought us joy that is beyond words and promise that tomorrow is worth fighting for. You have been the driving force behind keeping this friendship alive and ever-growing. You are your mother's savior. There will never be a way to describe how you've forced all of us to grow, and grow in a way that has been nothing but nurturing to our souls. 

Now...now they leave again. They are headed on their next adventure to West Virginia, as Andrew got a wonderful job. Again, it's bittersweet and we are so unbelievably happy for them, yet sad to see them venture even further than they are now. It's okay, though. We will travel any distance. They are our safe place. 

Krysten, Andrew, and Vada: We have cried, screamed, and laughed through this painful journey. We will make the best of it and we will push to savor every single second we get together.