The Truth Behind Breastfeeding Sessions | West Palm Beach Breastfeeding Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

It’s really interesting to me that I’m someone who wasn’t breastfed and haven’t had children of my own, yet I’ve been pulled toward breastfeeding photography. I remember when I received my first inquiry for a breastfeeding session. I hadn’t ever considered that this was something that women wanted captured. I knew, from watching my closest friends breastfeed, that it was something really special. It was a way that they bonded with their children. In talking to one of my friends the other day he said, “When our baby stops breastfeeding I think it’s going to be much harder on my wife than our child.”

I hear this from a lot of women.

How had I never thought of photographing this before? Sure, I had photographed mother’s feeding their children during newborn sessions, but never had I photographed a session solely based on mother and child through the feeding journey. A common thread that has run through all of the sessions I’ve done, or moms that that I’ve talked to, is how it’s been a journey. There were so many times they wanted to give up. I’ve also heard (several times) that the beginning of breastfeeding was harder than the actual birth. Yet, they pushed through. Women are the most incredible beings on earth. We do what’s best for our families, even if that means sacrificing parts of ourselves. What that also means is if our baby isn’t getting what it needs from breastfeeding, we feed it in anyway we can. I hope to always continue with these breastfeeding sessions. I also hope that more women will come to me and want to do bottle-feeding sessions. A fed baby is a loved baby.

Twiggy is an incredible artist and it was a true honor to photograph her and Marah during this precious time.

From Twiggy: Breastfeeding is something I had never really been around growing up and even through my adult years, I can’t recall seeing or knowing much about it. However, I did always know that I would want to breastfeed if I ever had a baby. When I became pregnant with my daughter, there was no doubt in my mind that I would choose breastfeeding. It took a lot of work and a lot of tears from both her and I but eventually we found our flow and today, it has been 2 years and 7 months of nourishing and comforting my baby day and night; I never imagined our journey would continue on this long, but I’m forever grateful that it has and that it will continue. I wanted to capture this long yet fleeting period of time into photographs which is why I chose to do a breastfeeding session with Shannon. These photographs represent an everlasting memory of all the pain, all the healing, all the beauty and all the love that comes with breastfeeding a baby.