St. Simon's Island Wedding Photographer | Lindsay and Couper

From the Bride... The more and more I know and experience life and love with Couper, the more I am reminded that God intended life to be profound and humbling in the best way. When I was first getting to know Couper, he entirely surpassed the high expectations I had set for someone I could really live life with forever and he continues to do so in our marriage. I always believed it should be that way, but it's funny how I am still surprised.

Every day. In so many ways he has proven to me that a life worth living is one that is loving well. Couper is real. He is honest and faithful to no end- even at the times when he would seem to have the right to do otherwise. Marriage has humbled and inspired me in that way- getting to learn closely how someone can do life like he does. He is so impressive in how he carries himself. I have loved living with him- cooking, dreaming, singing, working, dancing, building, drinking, traveling, praying, crying, laughing- with him.

Aside from the part where I became wedded to the handsome red-head in the company of friends and family under the beautiful live oaks, my favorite parts of the wedding are ironically not what I had assumed, mostly because they did not go as planned. Because of rain and a loss of power, my dear friend Lydia sung our first dance song with no amplification. Dancing with Couper to the sound of her voice and the rain beating on the tent is something Couper and I will never forget.

The image of friends and family walking around with their shoes off and mud up to their ankles with big smiles on their faces is one that continues to bless the both of us. I remember driving off the island with Couper and watching the sun go down- thinking how the timing of everything- the sun, the rain, the ceremony, the photos, the people, the reception- could not have been more perfect. We are so thankful to be surrounded by people that would celebrate with us joyfully, regardless of the weather.

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