Rosemary Beach Family Photographer | Bosse Family

30A is one of the most beautiful stretches of Florida beaches. It is known for it's white sand and breathtaking sunsets. It is no wonder that families come from all of the world to vacation here. I get a lot of calls and emails with vacationing families inquiring if we can set up a family session while they are visiting. It is one of my favorite places to photograph, as there are so many options other than the beach. We typically end the session on the beach, close to sunset, but start with taking precious photographs around the town. If you've never been to Rosemary, Alys Beach, or Seaside, it's like you walked onto a movie set. The architecture of the homes and restaurants is so perfectly executed. There are gorgeous walls that are filled with ivy, cobblestone streets, natural hued stucco, and just everything dreamy that you would want as a back drop. Then, you have the sunsets that look like watercolor painted across a vast, never ending sky. I love variety and Rosemary Beach gave us exactly what we were looking for.

The Bosse family was visiting because Rhiannon, mom in these photos, was attending a floral workshop. They decided to make it into a family trip and wanted to document this season in their lives, while in Rosemary Beach. When Rhiannon called me and asked if I would be willing to come to Rosemary, I jumped at the chance. The vibe on 30A is so perfect and I will take an excuse to head that way. It was truly an honor to capture such fleeting moments that they have with their son. I can't imagine a better career than to be a photographer, especially on the days that I get to be a Rosemary Beach family photographer.