Intimate Inlet Beach Wedding | Inlet Beach Wedding Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

I photograph several weddings a year that involve over 200 guests, elaborate details, and take years of planning. While I love photographing these, the intimate weddings are so welcomed in-between. It allows me to really connect with my clients and take every moment in. Karie and Andrew had an intimate beach wedding that took place behind the home they were renting on Inlet Beach. Everything took place inside the home and on the back deck. They only needed me there for a few hours; which was just enough time to cover what was most important to the two of them.

I was able to get a few getting ready photos, as well as some of their details. But, what really shines are the portraits of the two of them. They were crazy about each other and wanted to keep the day simple and focused on the love between two of them and their families.

I adore weddings like these and it’s always an honor that I pretty much end up being a part of the family on these days.