Interview With Wedding Planner Avis Glenister | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Planner | Shannon Griffin Photography

It’s almost 2019 and women are running the world. Well, in my mind we are. So many of us are in the workforce or own our own businesses. While it’s wonderful, it’s definitely exhausting and mentally draining. So many of us are on top of our business and also our household.

With things like mental health being talked about more, I find it so important to have people that you can reach out to that know exactly what you’re going through. When you own your own business you are truly on a rollercoaster. You can have an amazing year and then the next you can be asking things like, “Are weddings dying out? Is this going to be sustainable for me five years from now?”

Women are incredibly powerful, but we are still human. We spend so much of our emotional labor taking care of others that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. I really want to start highlighting other women business owners. I want to talk about what they do for a living, but I also want to talk about them as people, separate from what they “do”. My goal is to start an interview series with these incredible business owners that really gets to the core of what keeps driving us when we feel we’ve lost control of the wheel.

My first interview is with an incredible wedding planner. I’ve worked with Avis Glenister, of Peach and Pearl Events, a few times and she is one of the top in her field. We sat down to discuss the ins and outs of wedding planning and what exactly goes into owning your own business in the wedding industry. We talk abut the wonderful parts of it, as well as the struggles.

While I believe this interview is great for those planning a wedding or event, it’s also wonderful for anyone who owns their own business.

I really hope to do more of these and would love to hear ideas. If you would like to have a chat with me, please feel free to use my contact form and let’s get the discussion going!