Elegant St. Simons Backyard Wedding | Abby and Tucker

Abby and Tucker have the kind of love that is stripped to it's most simple of forms. This is why they chose to have an elegant St. Simons backyard wedding, as opposed to an over-the-top event. They wanted it to involve a limited amount of their closest family and friends. Abby made her own wedding dress and her flower girls wore the sweetest jumpsuits. Something that stuck out with me about the day was during the morning, while Abby was getting her hair and makeup completed. Her mother brought her dress in and she and Abby proceeded to finish sewing on the last of the buttons. There was no stress. There was no anxiety. Her mother sat at her feet and they worked on it together. It's these little moments that humble me and make me stop in my tracks. The fact that I'm getting to witness moments that these people will remember for the rest of their lives. They are letting me in to private moments and it's my privilege to freeze those moments for them. 

One of my favorite photographs from this whole set, beautiful details aside, is Tucker's face when Abby walked down the isle toward him. It wasn't forced. He was exactly where he wanted to be and he was living in that moment. He was just so happy to see his entire life walking to meet him in their union. 

This wedding was filled with so much love and warmth. Abby and Tucker's family and friends were quick to give them hugs and kisses as soon as they could get their hands on them. There was so much laughter throughout the night. It was a celebration in every sense of the word. These two have so many amazing things headed their way and I can't wait to see their marriage grow.