Eclectic Texan Wedding | Texas Wedding Photographer | Shannon Griffin Photography

This wedding is one of my all time favorites. It was completely different than my usual style and I loved every minute of photographing it. Lizzy has such a unique and fun since of style and it really shined through her wedding. You can see the feature on Wedding Chicks .

I’ll let Lizzy tell the story:

I knew in my heart where it had to be...Texas. I now live in Rhode Island, but I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. Texas is such a dear place for me, and there is such a fun culture and warmth there that I constantly long for! Another fun tidbit...I essentially had to get married there if I wanted my Daddy to be there. He really hasn't left our city in about 30 years. He just doesn't like to travel anymore. So I knew that if I wanted him to be at my wedding, it had to be close to home!

During the summer before I was engaged, I realized that when I got married I wanted to do it in Goliad, Texas at a chapel in the state park. This was no ordinary chapel. It's a beautiful, rustic, gorgeous and simple Spanish mission that my grandfather helped restore in the 1930's...something that I am extremely proud of. I thought it would be so sentimental and wonderful to marry in this chapel. Who would have imagined that his granddaughter would be married inside decades later? A few days after we were engaged I called the chapel, secured the date and we were off and ready to go!

We decided to have a small reception at a gorgeous Bed & Breakfast called the Villa La Casita in Corpus Christi. A small, white 1930's Spanish casa with gardens, fountains and impeccable details! The whole house and grounds are available to the guest, which makes the place very private and special! I had visited the casita when I was younger for an art show and I always felt very drawn to it. There is a magic in this home that is indescribable! When I found out that it was available to rent for the wedding weekend I was overjoyed! The owner, Donna Frederick, is wonderful to work with, and she has curated a beautiful, special place!

Lizzy talks about the details of her wedding:

My dress...there are no words. For those who do not know me, I am a hoarder of clothing, jewelry, accessories...I love personal style and fashion. This is why my main concern for so long was the DRESS! I knew in my heart that I wanted Miss Tashina to design my gown. We have lots in common and have very similar personal aesthetics! We went back and forth about ideas, styles, and then one day magic happened! I was at my favorite antique store in Corpus Christi, Renaissance Antiques, for a fashion show and I saw it...white tiered lace ruffles and a train! That Monday I went in the the shop just to see, and there it was!! It had long sleeves and was oddly lined, but I knew Tashina could change it. It was the perfect foundation for my dream dress! I mailed it off to Los Angeles and couldn't wait to see what was next!

I originally wanted my dress to be simple, all white, perfect bridal gown, but then I realized that's totally not me! I'm a lover of novelty, kitsch, wild vintage and color. I decided I wanted to do sequin and beaded flowers all over the bodice. While I was looking for floral appliqués online, I discovered all of these novelty appliques! There were fruits, candy canes, flamingos, bows, hearts, cars, cosmetics. I was completely inspired, so I told Tashina that I wanted to go all novelty. She convinced me that it was a little crazy to go ALL novelty, so she would find some more feminine appliques and arrange them with the ones I provided. She did a PERFECT job. When I got my dress back I cried, it was seriously so fun and wacky, but beautiful and elegant at the same time! I didn't want to take it off, and I still wish I could wear it every day! It was 100% completely me, and that's why Miss Tashina is amazing. She makes personal gowns completely special to ladies on their special day.

Sam wore a khaki suit from J.Crew. I helped him have it altered nice and slim, and he picked out his gingham on gingham shirt and tie. It was such a fun look! We also picked out his shoes together at Nordstrom! At first he was a little hesitant on the shoes with the suit but I told him to get colorful and fun, and not to worry about matching! I'm so happy he got on board! My favorite memory of the day was everyone arriving at the chapel. Since Sam and I did our pictures the morning of the wedding, we had already seen each other! When we arrived at the chapel, we just hung out together and greeted everyone. Everyone was chatting and laughing and there was so much love in the air!

My shoes are by Miista, and they were amazing! I'm from Texas so I had to have boots of course. And blue ombre boots for my something blue?! I couldn't resist. I wore them with lace edged bobbie socks!